About the Artist

Dr. Carol Fox Henrichs I began my journey into digital photography in 2005 when I enrolled in my first photography class and while I found I needed to learn how to use the gear, what I discovered is that I absolutely love the post processing I could accomplish using my computer. No surprise really, since my background is in technology training. I am now focusing on using my teaching/training skills to share what I have learned (and continue to learn) about digital photography.

I find that I am drawn to fine art and nature more than people and portraiture–at least for the time being. I photograph as a means of sharing the visual beauty that I see all around me. Too often, we spend our days toiling away at some drudgery or other with our eyes on some material target. With photography I hope to raise awareness of the beauty that is intrinsic to everyday places and spaces.

Conservation is also an important concern.  I believe and appreciation for nature can be developed through nature photography. That appreciation can grow to include an awareness of our environment and the need for careful management and protection.

I have my doctorate in education and technology with 20+ years conducting professional development, teaching online as well as face-to-face. Currently, I lead photo tours at photography ranches, teach Lightroom and photography courses online,  speak at conferences and am enjoying every minute of my encore career.

I currently reside in College Station, TX, USA. Loving every minute WHOOP!